Sequestration and ESEA

Directors:  At this point in time you may not have felt the full impact of the sequestration cuts. However, the coalition that National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) has joined to fight the budget cuts and is desperately seeking stories about the impact of sequestration. Here is a website that you can go to to share your stories:!contact/ch8q

The Coalition, is a national coalition of 3,200 organizations working to stop budget cuts to core government functions, has just released a video that you can use to educate policymakers, the press, and the public about the disproportionate cuts non-defense discretionary programs –  including employment and training, research, public health, education, public safety, housing, social services, infrastructure, and environmental protection – have taken as a result of deficit reduction efforts and how these cuts will impact our daily lives.


Acting Assistant Secretary Michael Yudin has also asked NASDSE for stories about the impact of sequestration. So it would be helpful if you are posting a story to share it with me as well and I will share with them with Michael.The news on the budget/sequestration is not good – in fact it is downright depressing. We need to fight as hard as the airlines did to stop sequestration and further budget cuts. We are looking at a budget impasse for FY 2014 as we do not anticipate any agreement between the House and Senate appropriations. Wish I had better news to share.

News on the ESEA bill: Senator Harkin plans to mark up an ESEA bill (Democratic bill only as Senator Alexander and Harkin could not agree on a bill) in the first two weeks of June. This bill might make it to the Senate floor, but no sign yet of a markup in the House. (This is the closest to good news that I can get.)