5/15/2013 – Clarification on Reporting Guidelines for Students Attending Approved District EDP Programs

Effective fiscal year 2013 (school year 2012–2013), the Arizona Department of Education/Exceptional Student Services (ADE/ESS) implemented a business rule change that required public education agencies (PEAs) with district-approved programs to only report students who are participating in those programs with service code C. The intent of this change was to improve PEA LRE data with respect to Indicator 5, which is included in the Annual Performance Report. The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) evaluates both the State and PEAs on LRE data to ensure that students with disabilities are being placed in the least restrictive settings. 

After receiving feedback from the field that this change was not suitable for some EDP students that participate in district-approved EDP programs, ESS will roll back this change for fiscal year 2014 (school year 2013–2014). The rollback of this business rule will allow PEAs to report students who participate in these programs with either service code C or D. 

The definitions of service codes C and D are as follows:


Inside Regular Class less than 40% of the day. (These are children who received special education and related services outside the regular classroom for more than 60% of the school day.) This may include children placed in: self-contained special classrooms with part-time instruction in a regular class; or self-contained special classrooms with full-time special education instruction on a regular school campus.


Public or Private Separate Day School for greater than 50% of the school day. This may include children placed in: public and private day schools for students with disabilities for a portion of the school day (greater than 50%) and in regular school buildings for the remainder of the school day; or public and private residential facilities if the student does NOT LIVE at the facility.

Note that regardless of the service code reported, there is no impact on the student’s funding. Both service codes C and D are classified as self-contained. 

 To clarify, fiscal year 2013 is the only year that C is the only acceptable service code for students participating in a district-approved EDP program; for all other fiscal years, either service code C or D is allowed. 

Please contact us at ESSDataMgmt@azed.gov  if you have questions.