4/17/2013 – Change in Due Dates for October 1 Special Education Census

We are pleased to announce a change in the due dates for the October 1 Special Education Census. This alert is the result of an announcement from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) to change the annual federal due date for child count and environment data submission from the first Wednesday in February to the first Wednesday in April.


Beginning with the October 1, 2013 special education census in FY 2014 (SY 2013—2014), the due dates for the verification, reconciliation, and non-reconciliation phases will be extended later in the reporting year than has been scheduled previously.

 What does this mean for public education agencies (PEAs)?

This means that PEAs will have more time to submit accurate special education (SPED) participation data to SAIS and work on resolving applicable integrity errors, thereby resulting in cleaner, more accurate data for the purposes of the October 1 SPED census. The census reconciliation due date will no longer be scheduled early in January, which for most (if not all) PEAs, was immediately following winter break.

Anticipated Outcome

ADE/ESS has been aware of the challenges the early SPED census reporting has presented with regard to the submission/correction of SPED participation data and anticipate that this change will improve the quality of Arizona’s special education census data. The anticipated outcome is that improved data accuracy will result in a successful census reconciliation for more PEAs.

FY 2014 SPED Census Due Dates

The due dates for FY 2014 have not yet been established. ADE/ESS will announce the new due dates at the 2013 Directors Institute as well as the as the fall workshops/webinar series presented by ESS Data Management.

Please contact us at ESSDataMgmt@azed.gov with any questions.