Announcing the 2013 Post School Outcomes (PSO) Survey

The Post School Outcomes (PSO) Survey web-based application accessed via the ADE Common Logon will be available between July 1 and September 30, 2013 for students who exited during the 2011—2012 school year. All public education agencies (PEAs) serving students aged 16 and older are encouraged to participate in the PSO Survey on a yearly basis for programmatic planning and improvement purposes, but are only required to participate in the assigned year for their district or charter school. Note: PSO data from PEAs that conduct the PSO Survey outside of an assigned data collection year will not be reported to the Office for Special Education Programs (OSEP) or publicly reported. However, voluntary participation in the PSO is a great opportunity for PEAs to review and inform their transition practices. All PEAs that participate in the PSO Survey will be able to access their schools’ results through the web-based application.

For information about your PEA’s assigned data collection year for the PSO Survey, consult the updated Complete Cycle 2 PSO Participation List found at

Trainings: ADE/ESS will offer webinar trainings on the PSO Survey data collection requirement, including information on how to use the PSO Survey web-based application, as well as how to interpret PSO data. Please see the flyer for webinar dates and a description of available trainings. All PEA personnel administering the PSO Survey are strongly encouraged to attend one of the offered webinars. For more information and to register for a webinar, consult the ADE/ESS PSO website,

For questions related to PSO Survey participation or scheduled trainings, please email or contact Lorrie Sheehy via email at

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