Estimates on Impact of Sequestration

Based on the March 1, 2013 OMB sequester report, CEF prepared the attached table showing the discretionary funding levels for Department of Education programs plus related education programs in other agencies. The total cut to ED discretionary funds = $2.271 billion.  In addition, mandatory programs are cut by $207 million for a total Education Department cut of $2.478 billion.

The specific funding levels on CEF’s table are based on OMB’s cut of 5.0% for nondefense discretionary programs.  This 5% cut is taken from the FY 13 CR level, which equals the FY 12 appropriation level increased by the 0.612% across-the-board (ATB) increase. However, for four ED programs with advanced appropriations (Title I, ESEA Title II, IDEA Part B state grants and Career/Technical Education state grants), the 5% sequester cut is calculated from the advanced appropriation levels for FY 13 provided in the FY 12 omnibus appropriations bill, which are not subject to the ATB increase, plus the FY 13 annual appropriations in the FY 13 CR which are subject to the ATB increase.  However, all of the sequester cuts to these four programs will be taken from school year 2013-14 funds. See July 2012 memo from Anthony W. Miller, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Education for further details.

The Department of Education has not yet issued tables showing the sequester cuts at the program, project and activity level, so the figures in this table are CEF calculations. In addition, the FY 13 funding levels are subject to change by the final FY 13 CR or omnibus appropriations bill.