11/30/2012 – October Enrollment Data due December 14, 2012

Dear Special Education/Data Administrators:

To ensure that all relevant PEA personnel receive information about SAIS data uploads, ESS Data Management is re-sending the following message that was widely disseminated last month to PEA administrators (i.e., Superintendents, etc.) regarding an upcoming deadline:

In an effort to comply with Federal reporting requirements, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) requests that the following current year data be entered into SAIS by December 14, 2012:

  • enrollment data as of October 1st (commonly called the October count)
  • Special Education program participation data,
  • English Language Learner program participation data, and
  • Free and Reduced Price Lunch eligibility data (NCLB Indicators 1 and 2)

We look forward to your assistance in this important effort.

Please note, the data elements listed include special education data, but also include additional data required by other ADE program areas. ESS has traditionally imposed a mid-December deadline for the annual October 1 Special Education Child Count because of the timeline required for submission to OSEP. Since other ADE program areas have similar federal reporting deadlines, the agency has decided to ask for all listed data elements with the same timeline used by ESS. Special education administrators and data managers should not see any difference in reporting timelines since these have not changed for special education data uploads to SAIS; however, many other program areas are now requiring data to be uploaded to SAIS much earlier than usual this year.


Other points of point of clarification:

  • “Enrollment data as of October 1st” pertains to data for all students, both general and special education
  • “Special Education program participation data” pertains to both state and federal special education data elements, including the data needed for the federal October 1 Special Education Child Count.

It is important that all data listed is uploaded as quickly and accurately as possible. While ESS is focused primarily on the October 1 Special Education Child Count, data from all of the listed elements is used by ESS for a variety of data collections/analyses throughout the year. Failure to upload data by the timeline has the potential to not only impact your PEA’s grant funding and other federal submissions, but can cause inaccurate reporting of other ESS data points.

Let us know if you have questions.