08/14/2012 – FINAL WEEK for FY 2012 Annual SPED Data Collection Submission!

This is the FINAL WEEK to submit your FY 2012 Annual Special Education Data Collection! Please check the status of your PEA and make plans to finish the Final Submit process as soon as possible.

Final Submission

The Final Submit process commenced on Monday, August 6, 2012, and signature forms are due to ADE/ESS by Friday, August 17, 2012. During this time period, PEAs have the opportunity to complete any outstanding agency reports, review exit and discipline reports, proceed with the final submission process (which will allow PEAs to confirm the accuracy of their discipline report and elect to do manual corrections to discipline data if necessary), and submit the required signature form.

OSEP requires the Annual Data Collection information in order for Arizona to receive Part B IDEA funding. Therefore, failure to promptly submit your PEA’s data may cause an interruption of your federal funds and may also impact your PEA Determination.

Exit Data Corrections

After completion of the statewide recalculation, the final exit data extract was generated on August 5, 2012, and the Exit reports within the ESS Annual Data application have been populated with the results. After reviewing the Exit reports, if your PEA has determined that the data is inaccurate based on the outlined business rules (see below), please proceed with the final submission by August 17th. Additional communication providing details on the procedure for submitting exit data corrections for this data collection requirement will be disseminated after the final submission deadline. Please note, prior year SAIS corrections must be submitted separately via a 915 request.

Exit Extract Business Rules

  • Post-integrity data only
  • Only include students between the ages of 14-21 based on the child count date of October 1 (see full explanation in the Exit Instructions document available under the HOME tab in the ESS Annual Data application).
  • Only include students enrolled in SPED during the first two weeks of the school year (based on the LEA calendar info submitted to SAIS) and later exited during the reporting year
  • Only the last known exit status is picked up for any student who may have exited more than once during the reporting year
  • Students who move from one school to another within the same PEA will NOT be included in the extract. Only account for those who move out of the PEA.
  • If a student exits your PEA and later enrolls in another PEA, this student will NOT be included in the extract.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, please contact ESS Data Management at ESSDataMgmt@azed.gov.