Frequently Asked Questions

A CIP is required to be completed by schools and local education agencies (LEAs) in order to receive Title I, Title II, Title III or technology funding. It is also required to be designated as being in either Title I No Child Left Behind (NCLB) or AZLEARNS school improvement.

This information can be found at

You may enroll your child in another school that is not in NCLB improvement within the same school district. You may request free tutoring services.

The consequences are determined by the number of years that Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) was missed at a school site. Specific consequences can be accessed at

A yearly update of the School’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) is required for schools in School Improvement.  The action steps and goals in the school’s CIP need to be based on current data, and therefore an up-to-date self-assessment is needed. The focus of the Standards & Rubrics self-assessment is on assessing the effectiveness of the school for the purpose of sustained improvement in academic achievement.  Continuous improvement practices, including regular evaluations, are recommended for all schools.

The Standards and Rubrics for School Improvement can be located at

The Resource Guide for The Standards and Rubrics for School Improvement can be found at

These documents can be found on the ADE webpage at

Because Arizona is a local control state, ADE does not recommend vendors and/or consultants. The agency does provide a list of approved SIG Grant external providers from which SIG districts may choose. SIG grantees should contact their Education Specialist for more information.

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Updates should occur at least once a month in order to keep information current and viable.