Guidance Counseling and Academic Advisement

Rigorous Program of Study Framework

Ten Components and Subcomponents

Component 8:


Guidance counseling and academic advisement help students to make informed decisions about which POS to pursue.


Comprehensive guidance counseling and academic advisement systems:

  • Are based on state and/or local guidance and counseling standards, such as the National Career Development Guidelines.
  • Ensure that guidance, counseling, and advisement professionals have access to up-to-date information about POS offerings to aid students in their decision making.
  • Offer information and tools to help students learn about postsecondary education and career options, including prerequisites for particular POS.
  • Offer resources for students to identify their career interests and aptitudes and to select appropriate POS.
  • Provide information and resources for parents to help their children prepare for college and careers, including workshops on college and financial aid applications.
  • Offer Web-based resources and tools for obtaining student financial assistance.      >>>Next>>>