Credit Transfer Agreements

Rigorous Program of Study Framework

Ten Components and Subcomponents

Component 7:


Credit transfer agreements provide opportunities for secondary students to be awarded transcripted postsecondary credit, supported with formal agreements among secondary and postsecondary education systems.


Well-developed agreements:

  • Provide a systematic, seamless process for students to earn college credit for postsecondary courses taken in high school, transfer high school credit to any two- and four-year institution in the state that offers the POS, and transfer credit earned at a two-year college to any other two- or four-year institution in the state that offers the POS.
  • College credit should be automatically transcripted at the college for high school students so that they can transfer seamlessly into the postsecondary portion of a POS without the need for additional paperwork or petitioning for credit.
  • Describe the expectations and requirements for, at a minimum, teacher and faculty qualifications, course prerequisites, postsecondary entry requirements, location of courses, tuition reimbursement, and credit transfer process.     >>>Next>>>