Dropout Rate Study Report

Please note: asterisks (*) in the data indicate numbers under 11 that are not reported per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

The calculation of dropout statistics is a cooperative effort of the local school districts, the Arizona Department of Education, the Arizona State Legislature, and the United States Department of Education. Presently, the emphasis on education reform mandates greater attention to performance measures, such as the dropout rate, which serves as a key indicator of a school’s success in maintaining their student population.

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Dropout rates are reported for grades seven through twelve, and are based on a calendar year that runs from the first day of summer recess through the last day of school. A school’s total enrollment is used as the population figure against which dropouts are subsequently counted.

For purposes of this study, dropouts are defined as students who are enrolled in school at any time during the school year, but are not enrolled at the end of the school year and did not transfer, graduate, or die.

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