Assessment Results

Please be aware that the Arizona Department of Education does not issue student AIMS results. Please contact the school or LEA where the student tested for this information.


Note:This is a report of the combined student performance results from the Spring 2015 administration of the AzMERIT statewide assessment and the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) alternate statewide assessment. This file contains reports of the percentage of Arizona public school students who passed the statewide assessments, and the percentage at each performance level. The report includes percentages for Arizona public schools, districts and charter holders, county, and statewide results.

Valid test results were included for students with an enrollment in an Arizona public school on the first date of the Spring 2015 enrollment test window. Results are counted at the school in which a student was enrolled, not where the student was administered the assessment. The source of the subgroup and ethnicity data is the Student Accountability Information System (SAIS), which is reported by Districts and Charter Holders to the Arizona Department of Education.

PLEASE NOTE:  These Excel documents have separate tabs that contain five different breakdowns of AIMS and AIMS A results (by school, by school and grade, by LEA and grade, by county and grade, and at the state level by grade). Please keep in mind that asterisks (*) in the data indicate numbers under 11 that are not reported per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

AIMS Results

AIMS and AIMS A Science 2015

AIMS and AIMS A 2014

AIMS and AIMS A 2013

AIMS and AIMS A 2012

AIMS and AIMS A 2011

AIMS and AIMS A 2010


AIMS A 2014

AIMS A 2013

AIMS A 2012

AIMS A 2011

AIMS Results – Students with Disabilities

2014 AIMS With Accommodation

2013 AIMS With Accommodation

2012 AIMS With Accommodation

2011 AIMS With Accommodation

2014 AIMS Without Accommodation

2013 AIMS Without Accommodation

2012 AIMS Without Accommodation

2011 AIMS Without Accommodation

AIMS Technical Information

2012-2014 AIMS Performance Levels and Scale Scores

2011 AIMS Performance Levels and Scale Scores

Fall 2010 AIMS Performance Levels and Scale Scores

2010 AIMS Performance Levels and Scale Scores

2009 AIMS Performance Levels and Scale Scores

AIMS Improvement

AIMS Improvement


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