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    The School Safety Program is a state-funded grant that places School Resource Officers (SROs) and/or Juvenile Probation Officers (JPOs) in selected schools to contribute to safe school environments that are conducive to teaching and learning. School Safety Program officers maintain a visible presence on campus; deter delinquent and violent behaviors; serve as an available resource to the school community; and provide students and staff with Law-Related Education (LRE) instruction and training. The goal of LRE is to prepare students for responsible citizenship by promoting the development of those characteristics that lead to healthy behavior. LRE is the instruction about rules, laws and the legal system which actively involves the students towards its goal.

The 2015 School Safety Program Competitive Application is open from March 4, 2014 – April 15, 2014 5:00 PM
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A Note on the 2015 School Safety Program Competitive Application:
The 2015 School Safety Program Competitive Application is the last new grant application that will appear on the current Grants Management Enterprise (GME) system. Because of this, you will notice some discrepancies or fields that may look incorrect, but will not impact the submittal and review of your application. Please note the following two items on your application.

  1. Under the “Application Contact” page, you will see that the begin/end dates in the application read 7/1/2013 – 6/30/14. This cannot be changed. DO NOT alter these dates. Your application will be processed and ADE staff are aware that these applications are for projects beginning 7/1/2014 and ending 6/30/15. This will be changed for successful applicants.
  2. In the “Payment Schedule” page, this too cannot be altered to reflect a true schedule of July – June payments. We recommend that applicants put their entire project amount in the month of June only. This will be changed for successful applicants.

We apologize for any confusion this may cause applicants, but this is completely a function of the current system being decommissioned after July 1 of this year. There is no way to change these issues at this point, but neither of these should hinder your ability to successfully submit an application and have it evaluated.
    Should you have any technical issues submitting an application or errors in submitting, please contact (602) 542-3901 to reach a member of the Grants Management Team who can assist you.

FY14 SSP Training Flyer

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2012-2014 School Safety Program Resources

Below is a list of forms for you to download. Click document type that best fits your needs.

    i. School Safety Program Guidance Manual
    ii. Weekly Activity Log and Instructions
    iii. Officer Performance Assessment Tool for Administrators
    iv. LRE Checklist and Observation Form
    v. School Safety Program Operational Plan – pdf
School Safety Program Operational Plan – Excel
    vi. Operational Plan Checklist
    vii. SSP Training Guidance
    viii. SSP Training Checklist – District Administrator
    ix. SSP Training Checklist – Site Administrator
    x. SSP Training Checklist – School Safety Officer
    xi. SSP Training Checklist – Agency Supervisor
  Related Arizona Laws
  Reference: ARS 15-153, ARS 15-154, ARS 15-155
  Web Links
    i. Register here for Leadership and New Officer Trainings
    ii. Register here for Advanced
LRE Academies
    iii. United States Department of Education (USEd)
    iv. Law For Kids
    v. Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education
    vi. Multi-hazard Safety Program for
    vii. National Clearinghouse
for Educational Facilities
    viii. Center for Problem Oriented Policing
    ix. Center for Safe and Responsible Internet
    x. Crimes Against Children Research
    xi. International Association of Chiefs
of Police
    xii. National Institute on Drug Abuse
    xiii. National School Safety Center
    xiv. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
    xv. Center for Effective
Collaboration and Practice
    xvi. Youth Crime Watch
    xii. Bully Police