AZ SAFE Implementation Manual

Az SAFE Implementation Manual  
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  Welcome to the Az SAFE Implementation Manual. The purpose of this manual is to provide an introduction to Az SAFE and assistance in implementation of the new reporting requirements for the 2009-2010 school year. Readiness for implementation will require preparation prior to the 2009-2010 school year.
  1. Overview and Purpose of the Az SAFE Project
    1. School Safety: What Schools Can Do
  2. Az SAFE Requirements
    1. Terms and Definitions
    2. List of Violations
    3. Definitions of Violations
    4. Arizona Statutes Requiring the Contact of Law Enforcement
    5. ARS 15-746 A.6 School Report Cards (incidents involving law enforcement)
    6. Definitions of People
    7. Definitions of Actions
    8. Unsafe School Choice Option Policy – Victims of Violent Crimes
  3. Technical Options and Requirements
    1. Az SAFE Online Training Video
    2. Az SAFE Online Data Entry Process
    3. Reports for Az SAFE Online
    4. SMS/SIS Incident Data Capture Requirements
        1. 2009 Original Data Capture Requirements
        2. 2011 Race/Ethnicity Changes
        3. 2012 Enhancements
    5. SMS/SIS Incident Data Submission Requirements
          1. 2009 Original Data Submission Document
          2. 2011 Race/Ethnicity Changes
          3. 2012 Enhancements
    6. SMS Upload Process – PowerPoint
    7. SMS Upload Error List
  4. District and Charter Preparation for Implementation
    1. Sample Implementation Plan
    2. Prototype Forms for Incident Referral
    3. Implementation Plan – Blank
  5. Protocol for Reliable Data
    1. Reliable Data Checklist
    2. Problem Behavior Flowcharts