OELAS 2013 Conference
Focusing Instruction through the Language Lens

December 11-13, 2013
JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass, Tucson, Arizona
OELAS Contact: Pat Scott pat.scott@azed.gov

Achieving academic success has become a mantra for our ELL students, teachers and administrators. Many tools are now available, including Arizona’s English Language Proficiency Standards, Arizona’s Common Core Standards, and proven methodologies and systems for explicit language instruction. However, as ELL educators, these advances can be overwhelming. It is sometimes easy to lose focus; difficult to decide on priorities, and challenging to clearly perceive the next step. Challenges are more formidable and hurdles more daunting as students take AZELLA, AIMS and look ahead to PARCC.

For ELL students, mastery of discrete grammar skills is foundational and frequently antecedent to reading comprehension and academic writing competence and the ensuing application of this knowledge and skill to academic content. The ability to synthesize the myriad of information available demands a lens of clarity and wisdom. High quality instruction is paramount for our ELL students; teachers must have the vision, knowledge and skills critical to effectively deliver this instruction.

The 2013 OELAS conference focuses on a shared and collaborative goal of success, tempered by the special language needs of ELL students, honed by professional development and experience, and achieved by masterful instruction. Join us in Focusing Instruction through the Language Lens.


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