Who to Contact for Questions


Tammy McKeown: 602-542-4265


AZELLA Main Line: 602-542-5031

ELL Data

Micky Gutier: 602-542-7469


Candis Middlebrook: 602-364-1801

General Questions

OELAS Main Line: 602-542-0753

Migrant Education

Mary Haluska: 602-542-5169
Doreen Candelaria: 602-542-3747
Patrick Bohanan: 602-542-7463


Susan Eide: 602-542-2768
Gerry Haskins: 602-542-5521
Lisa Buccigrosse: 602-542-3302

Professional Development

Secily Downes: 602-542-2765
Andrea Grabow: 602-364-1806
Denella Rose: 602-542-4836

SEI Budget

Alexandra Miller: 602-542-3975

Title III Grant

Mary Ricci-Marriott: 602-542-0794
Alexandra Miller: 602-542-3975

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