Title I School Improvement

Title I School and District Improvement

Accountability for Title I LEAs and schools has been modified under the provisions of Arizona’s ESEA Flexibility Request, which allowed the ADE to eliminate Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) determinations. This means use of AYP history to determine Title I schools and LEAs identified for improvement, corrective action, or, in the case of some schools, restructuring has also ended.

For all Title I LEAs, improvement consequences are no longer valid. For Title I schools, two categories of improvement – Priority and Focus Schools – have been identified, so that Title I School Improvement resources will now be directed toward schools with the greatest need to improve. The list of Priority and Focus Schools and the criteria for each group can be found at these links.

The ESEA Flexibility Request contains a revision of the target values for the annual measurable objectives (AMOs) for reading and mathematics, which were outlined in AZ’s NCLB Accountability Workbook, and based on the expectation that all students would achieve proficiency on AIMS by 2014. The ESEA Flexibility Request contains the new AMOs calculated on a trajectory to provide targets for all students to achieve proficiency on AIMS by 2020. Performance against these revised AMOs will be reported and should be used by schools and LEAs in revising Continuous Improvement Plans.

LEAs with Priority and Focus Schools will have support from the School Improvement Unit to complete the improvement process. The requirement for these LEAs to offer Supplemental Educational Services has been eliminated, but the requirement to offer Public School Choice for parents at Priority and Focus remains.

Title I Public School Choice

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