Public School Choice

On July 19, 2012, the USED approved Arizona’s ESEA Flexibility Request. This means that Arizona LEAs and schools will continue to offer School Choice. Please see the approved Flexibility Request and other resources on the ESEA website at

Public Notice
July 19, 2012
ESEA Flexibility Notice to LEAs

Under the ESEA Flexibility LEAs have the following responsibilities regarding Public School Choice once Priority and Focus Schools are identified:

  1. Notify parents of students in Priority and Focus Schools that the option of Public School Choice continues to be available and the method and deadline for Choice requests; this means that the LEA must prepare to set aside Title I funds to support excess transportation costs to transfer a student from a Priority or Focus School to another school within the LEA. You may review the Public School Choice Non-regulatory Guidance in the NCLB Document Library. A sample notice will be available on this website soon.
  2. Notify parents who previously opted for Choice transfers from schools no longer in improvement status (i.e., not Priority or Focus) that transportation costs can no longer be paid from Title I. However, the notice must state that the parent may choose to provide transportation so that the student can remain at the receiving school until the highest grade has been completed. See ESEA Flexibility Notice to LEAs for more details.


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Choice Coordinator: Joan Curtis
Tel: (602) 542-5139