Cycle 4

Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

Compliance Monitoring

Required Evidence

  • Cycle 4 Statement of Assurance
  • Homeless Education Policy
  • HCY Public Notice Locations
  • Identification Procedures for Homeless Children and Youth
  • Staff Training on Homeless
  • HCY Reservation of Funds
  • Homeless Education Dispute Resolution Procedure
  • Description of Comprehensive Needs Assessment Process
  • Written procedures for developing/evaluating LEA Continuous Improvement Plan
  • Completed Equitable Participation Template
  • List of Not for Profit Private Schools Within Boundaries of LEA
  • Private School Consultation Summary
  • Procedures for Services to Private School Students
  • Title I Services for Eligible Students attending Private Schools Outside District Boundaries
  • LEA Parent Involvement Policy
  • Personnel Activity Reports
  • Semi-Annual Certification
  • Comparability Document Retention
  • Comparability Procedures
  • Comparability Reallocation Documents
  • Comparability Workbook
  • Documentation of Response to Failure to Maintain Effort
  • Poverty Measure Used
  • Procedures for determining accuracy of poverty data
  • Written Supplement/Supplant Procedures
  • Documentation of Title I Expenditures ADE will be reviewed on site
  • Summary of Parent Involvement Set-Aside Expenditures
  • Title I Paraprofessional List
  • Hiring Procedures for Teachers and Paraprofessionals
  • Non-HQ Teacher Report from the
  • Highly Qualified Teacher Input Application (HQTIA)
  • Title I Teacher List
  • 4 Week Letter
  • Parents’ Right to Know sample
  • Title I School Parent Involvement Policy/Plan
  • Title I School-Parent Compact
  • Title I Meeting Notice
  • Annual Title I Meeting Agenda
  • Summary of the Schoolwide Needs Assessment and Results
  • Schoolwide Plans in ALEAT
  • Schoolwide Principal Input Form
  • Schoolwide Teachers Input Form
  • Schoolwide Paraprofessional Input Form
  • Schoolwide Program Evaluation
  • Targeted Assistance Principal Input Form
  • Targeted Assistance Program Evaluation
  • Targeted Assistance Selection Criteria (3-12)
  • Targeted Assistance Selection Criteria (Pk-2)
  • Targeted Assistance Title I Teacher Input Form
  • Title I Paraprofessional Input Form
  • Teacher Master Schedule
  • MEP Needs Assessment Summary
  • MEP Student Academic Achievement Quarterly Benchmark Data
    (Elementary School Only)
  • Stakeholder Surveys
  • MEP Service Delivery Plan
  • Migrant Priority for Service Students
  • MEP Priority for Service Checklist
  • List of services coordinated by LEA with MEP
    (ex: private, non-profit, social, community, and other governmental agencies)
  • Documentation of agreements for coordination of services (MEP)
  • Documentation of referrals (MEP)
  • Documentation of services received (MEP)
  • MEP-PAC agendas
  • MEP-PAC minutes
  • MEP-PAC sign-in sheets
  • Notification of MEP-PAC meetings
  • MEP Data Discrepancies
  • Procedure for transferring MEP Student Records
  • MEP Validating/Verifying Information
  • MEP Written Resolution of Discrepancy Procedures
  • Evidence of Coordination between districts (MEP)
    (ex. Elementary & High School; LEA and surrounding Districts)
  • MEP ID&R Plan
  • MEP Recruiter/Liaison Log

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Contact Information

Highly Effective Schools Division
Title I Compliance Monitoring
1535 West Jefferson Street, Bin 32
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Tel: (602) 542-4392
Fax: (602) 542-3100
ESEA Monitoring Manager: Joan Curtis