Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

6-Year Cycle Compliance Monitoring
Monitoring Information

Purpose and Overview of the
6-Year Monitoring Cycle Self Assessment Process

Monitoring Schedule
Current cycles and ADE Specialist’s names and email

Instructional PowerPoint

2013-2014 On-Site Monitoring Protocol   2007 Word
Forms and Resources

Policies and Procedures
Title I Parental Involvement and
Homeless Education

Targeted Assistance, Schoolwide Title I Programs, Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraprofessionals

LEA and School Improvement

On-Site Monitoring Visit

Gifted Education

Services for Eligible Private School Children, and Professional Development

For more information on the ESEA 6-Year Cycle Monitoring Process,
please contact your ADE Title I Specialist or Bobbie Orlando


  Highly Effective Schools Division  
  Title I Compliance Monitoring, Bin 32  
  1535 West Jefferson Street  
  Phoenix, Arizona 85007  
Monitoring Manager   Monitoring Coordinator
Bobbie Orlando   Tee Lambert
Tel: 602.542.4392   Tel: 602.542.4353
  ALEAT Help Desk  
  Tel: 602.542.4353  

Updated September 2013