ESEA Flexibility and SES

ESEA Flexibility

What does ESEA Flexibility mean for parents, students, teachers, and Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Providers?

Excerpt from
What ESEA Flexibility Means for Students, Teachers, and Parents: Answering the Public’s Questions, p.3

  • … the flexibility will end the one-size-fits-all interventions in schools. Under NCLB, all schools that did not meet a States’ arbitrary proficiency goals were prescribed the same interventions, including mandatory school choice or tutoring. The flexibility will ask States to identify their lowest-performing schools and create aggressive turnaround plans that best address the individual needs of those schools, as well as identify and intervene in their schools with the largest achievement gaps.

This means that if Arizona’s waiver is approved, districts and charters (LEAs) will no longer be required to offer SES. Most LEAs offer some type of tutoring and some will be interested in having this service provided by outside vendors. LEAs will be responsible for procuring tutoring companies, just as they already do for all other purchased professional services.

ADE will continue to maintain an Approved Provider list. Current Arizona Approved SES Providers will be offered the opportunity to apply for an extension of their existing SES Provider Application later this spring. At this time, Arizona will not be soliciting new or additional SES Provider Applications.

Please view the presentation on Arizona’s ESEA Flexibility Waiver at

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