Where do we enter our school and district MOWR plan?

Schools and districts will access the Move On When Reading plan via ADEConnect. You will not be accessing it from Common Logon.

ADEConnect, is a new identity management system that is used to manage secure single sign on access to ADE’s computer, email and internet systems. ADEConnect helps school districts and charter schools gain access to Arizona Department of Education (ADE) systems such as Student Accountability Information System (SAIS), longitudinal dashboards, state district reporting systems and others.

We highly suggest that those who are responsible for entering the data into MOWR plans (LEA Administrator) use some time to get acquainted with ADEConnect by viewing the recorded videos.

Once you have successfully logged into ADEConnect, select Move On When Reading for access to your school and/or district plan.

ADEConnect Portal Sign on

ADEConnect Newsletter Information for LEAs

ADEConnect Frequently Asked Questions

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