How do I become MOWR – ADE Connect participant?

Step 1: Before Move On When Reading can be accessed by anyone, they must create an account in ADEConnect.

click here for ADEConnect

  • Your account permissions in ADE Connect are controlled by your ADE Connect Entity Administrator
  • Entity Administrators should have received an email from Arizona Department of Education inviting them to set up their accounts in ADE Connect, if they had previous roles as SAIS and/or Common Logon coordinators.
    • If they haven’t had previous administrative roles with state systems, and/or haven’t received any communication regarding ADE Connect, then they should contact ADESupport and request an Entity Administrator account in ADEConnect for administering permissions for Move On When Reading.
    • Entity Administrators must obtain training and support to use ADE Connect
      • Please click here: ADEConnect  to find general information about ADEConnect.
      • Watch the training videos on the ADEConnect webpage for information on using ADE Connect.
      • Please send support/help requests to ADESupport


Step 2: Once an Entity Administrator is set up for any entity in ADEConnect, that school or district may have their Entity Administrator add users and start assigning roles for Move on When reading.


  • The available Move On When Reading role at the District/Charter Holder/LEA level is – LEA Approver.
    • This role will allow district users to review and approve submissions of Literacy Plans and Assessment Data from their schools
    • This role will also allow district users to aggregate all school submissions into a district submission to the State Board, and submit that aggregation for State Review
    • The available Move On When Reading role at the School levelis — School Approver
      • This role will allow school users to enter and submit Literacy Plans and Assessment Data forms



If you are both submitting AND reviewing as a school and a district(for example–in the case of single Charter Schools), then you will need to sign into both entities separately from ADE Connect:

  • First as a School Approver to submit (for a charter school)
  • Secondly as a LEA Approver to review (for a charter holder)
  • If you are a charter school, and want to review your charter school and charter holder entity listings on file at the state, click here.



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