How does the funding for Move On When Reading work?

The LEA must submit a budget form to the ADE School Finance Department with your K-3 funding.  Monies are funded to districts/charters in their M & O budgets.  The K-3/MOWR funds do not appear as a separate budget line item.  For A and B districts/charters, funds are released immediately upon submission and State Board approval of their literacy plan.  For C and D districts/charters, funds are released upon submission, review and approval of their literacy plan by the State Board of Education.   Current school year funding is approximately $130.00 per K-3 student as shown on the 100 day count.

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What are the exemptions to retention?

There are three exemptions:

  1. A student is an English Language Learner with less than two years of English instruction may not be retained.
  2. If a student has an IEP in reading or language and the pupil’s parents/guardian agree that promotion is appropriate based on the pupil’s IEP.
  3. A student is in the process of a special education referral or evaluation for placement in special education and/or a student who has been diagnosed as having a significant reading impairment, including dyslexia.

What are the components of the MOWR Statute?

Many districts/charter schools are required to submit literacy plans each year for improving the proficiency of the K-3 pupils. Components include:

  • school/ literacy contacts,
  • literacy team members,
  • core reading program,
  • reading intervention programs (Tier II and Tier III),
  • assessment data (universal screening, diagnostic tools, progress monitoring tools, and summative tools), and
  • confirmation of the 2 necessary letters sent out to parents.

When do you recommend schools notify parents?

The first letter must go out to all K-3 parents at the beginning of the year.  We also recommend this letter be put in the packet of registration materials so you do not leave a student out by accident.

There are a few options for the distribution of the second letter:

  • Kindergarten – this is up to you, if at all.
  • First Grade – it is recommended that parents be informed by the 2nd parent-teacher conference.
  • Second and Third Grades – it is recommended that parents be informed that their child is ‘falling far below’ by the first parent-teacher conference.

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Literacy Plans

When is the Literacy Plan due?

Literacy Plans are due by October 1st, along with the first assessment data submission.  This is not a multi-year plan; a new plan is due each school year in order to receive additional funding.

What are the deadlines for the Literacy Assessment Data submissions?

There are three (3) deadlines for the Literacy Assessment Data submissions:

  • October 1st – Universal Screening
  • February 1st – Winter Benchmark
  • June 1st – End of Year Assessment

Do we have to compile all school data into one plan from the district level?

Yes. Each school’s plan will need to be entered electronically. Once the district has approved the school plans, they will be electronically aggregated into one district plan. It is the district’s responsibility to submit the district plan to ADE.

When will the MOWR Literacy Plan application be available to schools and districts?

The Move On When Reading (MOWR) plan will be available to schools mid August.

Districts will have access to the school data plans. Districts will be able to review and approve school plans and then aggregate all school plans into one district plan for submission to the Arizona State Board of Education.

Is AIMSweb OK for our Comprehensive Assessment Data System?

Yes. Arizona is a local controlled state; therefore, the state provides the school district or charter holder control to choose which assessment data system is the best fit for your district or campus.

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ADE Connect Support

How can I get Tech Support for ADE Connect so I can submit my plan?

For basic training on ADE Connect, we have created the following videos that provide general overview presentations, intended for users from schools and districts/charter holders (users with the roles of School Approver and LEA Approver).

Video 1 Overview – General Work Flow (video shows the process of schools and districts interacting, but leaves out the step where districts approve schools into their aggregation – this functionality is demonstrated in video 3 below).

Video 2 Overview – Reviewing School Literacy Plans (video shows the process of schools and districts interacting, but leaves out the step where districts approve schools into their aggregation – this functionality is demonstrated in video 3 below).

Video 3 – Accepting literacy plans and assessment data into my aggregation as a district/charter holder

Video 4 – Submitting my aggregated form to the State Board as a district/charter holder

** Districts need to submit their aggregations to the State Board.  Due date is Oct 1st.

For additional information on using the Move On When Reading system online system, contact ADE Support:

[email protected]

Tel:  602.542.7378

How do I become MOWR – ADE Connect participant?

Step 1: Before Move On When Reading can be accessed by anyone, they must create an account in ADEConnect.

click here for ADEConnect

  • Your account permissions in ADE Connect are controlled by your ADE Connect Entity Administrator
  • Entity Administrators should have received an email from Arizona Department of Education inviting them to set up their accounts in ADE Connect, if they had previous roles as SAIS and/or Common Logon coordinators.
    • If they haven’t had previous administrative roles with state systems, and/or haven’t received any communication regarding ADE Connect, then they should contact ADESupport and request an Entity Administrator account in ADEConnect for administering permissions for Move On When Reading.
    • Entity Administrators must obtain training and support to use ADE Connect
      • Please click here: ADEConnect  to find general information about ADEConnect.
      • Watch the training videos on the ADEConnect webpage for information on using ADE Connect.
      • Please send support/help requests to ADESupport


Step 2: Once an Entity Administrator is set up for any entity in ADEConnect, that school or district may have their Entity Administrator add users and start assigning roles for Move on When reading.


  • The available Move On When Reading role at the District/Charter Holder/LEA level is – LEA Approver.
    • This role will allow district users to review and approve submissions of Literacy Plans and Assessment Data from their schools
    • This role will also allow district users to aggregate all school submissions into a district submission to the State Board, and submit that aggregation for State Review
    • The available Move On When Reading role at the School levelis — School Approver
      • This role will allow school users to enter and submit Literacy Plans and Assessment Data forms



If you are both submitting AND reviewing as a school and a district(for example–in the case of single Charter Schools), then you will need to sign into both entities separately from ADE Connect:

  • First as a School Approver to submit (for a charter school)
  • Secondly as a LEA Approver to review (for a charter holder)
  • If you are a charter school, and want to review your charter school and charter holder entity listings on file at the state, click here.



Where do we enter our school and district MOWR plan?

Schools and districts will access the Move On When Reading plan via ADEConnect. You will not be accessing it from Common Logon.

ADEConnect, is a new identity management system that is used to manage secure single sign on access to ADE’s computer, email and internet systems. ADEConnect helps school districts and charter schools gain access to Arizona Department of Education (ADE) systems such as Student Accountability Information System (SAIS), longitudinal dashboards, state district reporting systems and others.

We highly suggest that those who are responsible for entering the data into MOWR plans (LEA Administrator) use some time to get acquainted with ADEConnect by viewing the recorded videos.

Once you have successfully logged into ADEConnect, select Move On When Reading for access to your school and/or district plan.

ADEConnect Portal Sign on

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ADEConnect Frequently Asked Questions