Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Leadership trainings are offered by AZLEADS³?

We provide training for Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals and on occasion an aspiring administrators training.

We also offer customized trainings in some instances for schools and districts.

Most trainings are a series of sessions held throughout the school year.

2. How do I sign up for a training?

Go to AZLEADS³ ( and choose the link at the top of the page for the program you are intrested in viewing.

Contact Chelsea Inmon at 602-364-2068,

If the training you are intrested in is not posted on the website and you would like to save a place-contact Chelsea Inmon and request to be put on the waiting list for your chosen event.


3. What funds can be used to pay for trainings?

Part or all of the cost of trainings may be paid out of:

  1. Title I
  2. Title I School Improvement
  3. Title II
  4. Title III
  5. Race to the Top (Grant)

4. Is personal coaching a part of the program offering?

Principals who participate in the program will have a leadership coach assigned.  Superintendents who participate in the program will have the option of having a leadership coach assigned-for more details contact AZLEADS @ 602-364-2068.

Check program registration for details.

5. How can you offer training and personal coaches at such an inexpensive cost?

Significant funding to supplement the program is provided by the HELIOS Education Foundation.