Arizona Online Instruction

The Arizona Department of Education provides the following K-12 online course offering catalog. This catalog represents a listing of some of the K-12 online programs available to students statewide in a centralized location so that schools, parents, and students can view the vast course selection available to them.


Credits & Approval

  1. Are the credits from the online course transferable?
  2. Are the credits considered core content credit or are they given elective credit?  OR
  3. Will the core content credit (math, science, language arts, etc.) be accepted as core content credit and be applied to high school graduation requirements?
  4. Has the student’s high school guidance counselor approved of the course in writing?  (Course will fulfill high school graduation requirements?)
  5. Does this course fulfill the requirements of the college/university the student will be attending?

Quality Online Instruction

  1. Are the online instructors Arizona certified and highly qualified?
  2. Are the teachers of the online course given specific training in current best practices and strategies for online teaching and learning and implementation of online education?
  3. Does the online teacher know and understand the subject area and age group they are teaching?
  4. Does the online teacher promote student success through clear expectations, prompt responses, and regular & ongoing feedback?
  5. How often does the staff receive mentoring, professional development, and technical assistance to develop their professional skills?
  6. Are the courses aligned to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards?
  7. Is the content provided by an outside provider or created in house?

Support Services

  1. Are student support services offered? (Orientation to online learning technology, academic and administrative services to address academic and developmental needs?)
  2. Does the online program provide guidance/counseling services for parents and students?
  3. Is the online learning environment appropriately maintained, secure, and is a productive and safe work environment for students and staff?
  4. Are parents/guardians provided information about the program, information regarding online student work and do they receive timely responses from faculty and staff?  Do they receive critical information about student progress and are they encouraged to communicate with faculty and administrators?


  1. How many students are currently enrolled in the selected courses or school?
  2. How many years has the online provider been in business?
  3. What is the program’s most recent letter grade from the State of Arizona?
  4. Is the student technology at home sufficient to successfully complete the course? (School can provide list of necessary equipment such as computer and associated hardware, necessary software, high speed internet connection, quiet place to work)
  5. Is the student sufficiently self-disciplined to complete the online course?  (Online learning is designed to be as rigorous as face to face courses)
  6. How much time will be allowed to complete the course?  What is the minimum time required to successfully complete the course?

Review the International Association for K -12 Online Learning Standards to help you choose a program.
iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Courses (Click on link)
iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Programs (Click on link)

K-12 Online Catalog Arizona State Board of Education – Approved AZ Online Instruction (AOI) Programs
K-12 Online Catalog Arizona State Board for Charter Schools – Approved AZ Online Instruction (Distance Learning) Schools
***ADE disclaimer: The responsibility for checking course quality rests with parents and schools. ADE has listed courses given to it without checking quality at this time.

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