Data Standards

Improving Arizona Education through technology and data standards

We stand at a crossroads. State-wide districts must be empowered to self-control and effect change within their student’s academic lives. ADE must have an efficient means to communicate effectively within the areas in which it serves. Parents must be able to make the best decisions for their children. Data standards help create this holistic view and empowerment so desperately needed. Data standards will:

  1. Help integrate various data systems such as SIS, Assessment, LMS and in throughout many areas
  2. Improve data quality across various systems
  3. Ensure interoperability of data between various vendor’s systems
  4. Standardize reporting and dashboards

Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) is a national standards initiative sponsored by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). The goal of CEDS is to provide a clear and consistent data standard to support educators and policy makers with consistent data about students and schools.

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Developed for the K-12 sector, Ed-Fi is open, XML-based, and CEDS-aligned to integrate information from a broad range of existing sources so it can be sifted, analyzed and put to use every day.

Ed-Fi enables educators to:

  • Easily access current, accurate classroom and student-level data
  • Develop more effective, progress-based lesson plans
  • Strengthen student academic growth and achievement
  • Conduct more objective, fact-based parent-teacher dialogues
  • Integrate data from existing systems such as student information systems (SIS), grade book applications, curriculum planning systems, and benchmark testing and reporting systems