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 Ed‐Fi™ Gains Momentum in K‐12 Education Sector May 8, 2012

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Live from “Leading Change” Conference – June 26 – 28, 2012, Tucson, Arizona

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Education Intelligence – or the new data system; visions of the future present
Mark  Masterson, Chief Information Officer, Arizona Department of Education

Implementing and Adopting the Common Education Data Standard 101
Gary West, CEDS subject expert

Data Quality. It takes a village
Marc Morin, Arizona Department of Education

AELAS Business Case – building software for educators by educators
Loren Sucher, Arizona Department of Education

Student-Teacher-Course Connection 101
David Dulis, Arizona Department of Education

Data quality – the salad years
Marc Morin, Arizona Department of Education

Identity Management – getting the right information at the right times for the right reasons
Glen McMath, Arizona Department of Education

When strategic programs become business as usual; working with ADE IT
Maria Scalone, Arizona Department of Education

Driving success in Arizona education through fully-integrated data systems
Speakers: Dr. Don Covey, Superintendent, MECSA, Mark Masterson, CIO, ADE
Original air date: April 23, 2012
Fully-integrated data systems help teachers to discover opportunities for student improvement and achievement in real-time, administration to ensure that the right funding goes to the right schools at the right time; parents to be automatically informed when students are doing well – and when they are not, and being able – at a moment’s notice – to really make an impact on every student’s success.


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Data Standards

Ed-Fi. Developed for the K-12 sector, Ed-Fi is open, XML-based, and CEDS-aligned to integrate information from a broad range of existing sources so it can be sifted, analyzed and put to use every day.

Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). A specified set of the most commonly used education data elements to support the effective exchange of data within and across states, as students transition between educational sectors and levels, and for federal reporting. This common vocabulary will enable more consistent and comparable data to be used throughout all education levels and sectors necessary to support improved student achievement.



October 4, 2012 K-12 CIO/CTO Conference
September 28, 2012 AZ Ready IT Task Force Meeting
September 19, 2012 Arizona Migrant Conference
September 14, 2012 ASCUS General Meeting
August 16, 2012 Joint University and Community College Presidents’ Meeting
July 11, 2012 NCES Conference Presentation
June 29, 2012 AZ Ready IT Task Force Meeting
June 28, 2012 Leading Change Conference
June 6, 2012 AZ Educational Technology Summit
May 11, 2012 GMPEC Membership Meeting
May 11, 2012 AZ IT Ready Task Force Meeting
April 20, 2012 ASCUS Meeting
March 30, 2012 AZ-AIR Conference
February 28, 2012 ABEC Meeting
February 17, 2012 NCES 25th Annual Forum and MIS Conference
February 3, 2012 ASCUS Meeting
January 26, 2012 Arizona Ready Commisison


December 16, 2011 AZSBA Conference
December 7, 2011 OELAS Conference
December 2, 2011 ASCUS Meeting
November 9, 2011 AASBO Meeting


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