Effective Teachers and Leaders Unit Tutorials

One of the goals of the Effective Teachers & Leaders Unit is to provide accurate and timely information (via technology) to communicate more effectively with the field. To further this goal, we are currently in the process of developing tutorials that will assist LEAs in understanding the federal guidelines regarding Title II-A (reviewing transcripts, highly qualified status, and allowable expenditures, etc.).

The tutorials will provide the basic, essential information in the topic addressed lasting 15-20 minutes and can be used by individuals or a group training session.  The tutorials are intended for new human resource personnel, principals, teachers or other staff interested in highly qualified topics and may be used as a tool for orientation to a new position. As new tutorials are added, an update will be listed on the “UPDATES/EVENTS” section.  Please feel free to contact our unit if you have a topic for which you would like a tutorial that will benefit all LEAs.

 Tutorial Topics:

7th & 8th Grade Teacher Transcript Review

  • Participants copy – print prior to watching training
  • Tutorial – 7th and 8th Grade Teacher Transcript Review (you need speakers on & maximize screen) 

9 – 12th Grades Transcript Review