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Teaching Intern Pathway to Certification

The teaching intern certificate enables those that hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution to teach full-time. Candidates will receive full teaching salary and benefits, which ensures no loss of income. The teaching intern certificate allows the holder to enter into a teaching contract while completing the requirements for an Arizona provisional teaching certificate. The intern certificate also allows certified teachers to pursue other teaching certificates. The holder of the teaching intern certificate may apply for an Arizona provisional teaching certificate upon successful completion of a Board authorized alternative path to certification program or a Board approved teacher preparation program. An individual is not eligible to hold the certificate more than once in a five-year period. RS-2-614.E

How to proceed:

1. Teaching Intern Process Checklist

2. Teaching Intern Requirements

3. Institution Contacts

4. Teaching Intern Application

5. Teaching Intern Extension Application

Required Arizona Educator Exams

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