Educator Retention & Recruitment (ERR) Task Force


Every student in Arizona deserves a highly effective teacher in their classroom.

Every educator deserves to be compensated for their performance, academic preparation, time and professionalism.

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Educator Retention and Recruitment Task force, composed of ADE staff, school and district personnel and other education stakeholders, persisted in researching nationally and locally to further inform our citizens of this crisis. One of the key findings from the Educator Retention and Recruitment Initial Report (January 2015) was the need to focus on the retention of our current teachers, hence the reversal of recruitment and retention in our task force name and second report to retention and recruitment. Nationally, 46% of new teachers leave the profession within the first five years of teaching (Hill, 2011). Salary, working conditions, and administration are the top three reasons teachers leave the profession (ERR Survey, 2015). With state universities only able to produce enough graduates to fill 50% of the open teaching positions, it is imperative to retain teachers (ADE Highly Qualified Teachers report, 2014). Based upon the research found in the Educator Retention and Recruitment Initial Report (January 2015), several topics surfaced as needing further research.

The Task force focused on four critical areas: economic impact; salaries, experience and quality; professional learning; and promising practices. Summaries of relevant research are included in each of the four critical areas. The report closes with recommendations to policymakers, educators and parent and community groups designed to ensure that all Arizona classrooms are guided by effective teachers, who are properly prepared, compensated and respected. Collective action on these recommendations is imperative to address the challenges that are impeding a quality public education system for all children and that ensures the economic future of Arizona.

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