Equitable Access

Equitable Access to Effective Educators

Project Summary: The mission statement of the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is, “To serve Arizona’s education community, and actively engage parents, to ensure every student has access to an excellent education.”1 Such a mission calls for all Arizona children to receive the high-quality education they deserve and requires access to effective teachers along with school and district leadership that is focused on improving student achievement. ADE recognizes that Arizona’s educators are the most important school-related component of success for Arizona’s students and is committed to the goal that students of color, students in economically disadvantaged areas and students with special needs are not taught by inexperienced or ineffective educators at higher rates than students outside those demographics. ADE further recognizes that leadership is an equally important component of a quality education and also seeks to meet a goal that schools with students in the previously mentioned under served populations are not led by unqualified or ineffective administrators.

Reference documents: * Ensuring Equitable Access to Excellent Educators in Arizona, October 2015 * Revised Theory of Action and Performance Objectives

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