How to Apply

Overview: How to Apply to the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

About the Program
The NSLP is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day. The program was established under the National School Lunch Act, signed by President Harry Truman in 1946.

How to Apply
Local Education Agencies (LEAs) must apply through the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and complete the requirements prior to the operation of these programs. Once approved, LEAs will receive reimbursement from the ADE for each lunch and breakfast meal served provided they meet established nutrition standards and state and federal regulations.

Please refer to these 4 steps at the top of the window for details about applying.

During the application process all prospective new Sponsors will be asked to complete an online assessment and a series of application forms.

Proceed to Step 1 to become familiar with our New Sponsor Contact.

Step 1: Who to Contact?

Hi! My name is Ashley Arnold, I am the New Sponsor Contact and am here to help you through the application process to become a new Sponsor for the NSLP! This webpage is posted in order to help you obtain information about the application process and to provide you access to the forms you need for application to our program.
If you have any questions when following the steps on this webpage,
please contact me at:

Health & Nutrition Division
Arizona Department of Education
(Phone) 602-542-9871
(E-mail) [email protected]
(Fax) 602-542-1531
8am to 5pm, Monday- Friday

Mail all documents to:
National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs
Arizona Department of Education
1535 W. Jefferson Street, Bin #7
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Please follow the next few steps to get started in your application for the National School Lunch Program.

Step 2: Review Orientation Manual & Assessment

During the initial application for the NSLP, all prospective LEAs must complete an online assessment, Orientation Assessment for New Sponsors after reviewing the manual, Orientation to: Operating National School Lunch Program in Arizona. The online assessment will test for NSLP understanding and ask specific questions about your organization. ADE will review the assessment and provide technical assistance to ensure your organization is ready and able to operate NSLP.

All questions must be answered in order to receive credit for completing this assessment. Send completed assessment to the New Sponsor Contact.

Orientation to: Operating the National School Lunch Program in Arizona
Orientation Assessment for New Sponsors (20 questions)

Please note, by sending ADE an Orientation Assessment for New Sponsors, ADE is assuming your organization wishes to apply to the Program.

Proceed to Step 3 to complete the Application Forms.

Step 3: Application Forms

Please review the How-To-Guide; How to Complete the New Sponsor application forms for the National School Lunch Program for step by step instructions on completing each application form listed below.

1. New Sponsor Application Process Statement – print this and use as a checklist. When completed sign and submit with the complete package.
2. Food Program Permanent Service Agreement (2 originals must be submitted for ADE approval signature)
*Please review the NSLP Revised Food Program Permanent Service Agreement (FPPSA) Instructions Memo to assist in a timely turnaround.
3. ADD / CHANGE / DELETE (Health and Nutrition Services Entity Data Form)
4. Common Logon Permissions Request for NSLP (more than one user per organization is recommended)
5. Free and Reduced Price Policy Statement
6. Civil Rights Pre-Award Compliance
7. State of Arizona Substitute W-9 Form
8. DUNS Number Form
9. Certification Regarding Debarment
10. Certification Regarding Lobbying
11. Menu Certification – follow the Step by Step Guidance for How to Prepare a Certification Package located at on the Menu Certification for 6 Cents webpage. Then, submit the documents (rather than upload) via email to [email protected]

*If Applicable*:
12. Private Organizations require: Copy of tax-exemption 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS
13. Private Organizations require: Annual Financial Report (AFR) – Common Logon Permissions Request for CNP Annual Financial Report Access
14. Residential Facilities require: Copy of current license for each site(s) participating in the program
15. USDA Foods Program participation requires: Food Distribution Program Delivery Information Form (School Nutrition Programs Application)
16. Caterer/Vendor Contract (Contracting for Meal Service)
17. Food Service Management Company Contract/Addendum/Renewal (see Contracting for Meal Service)
18. School Finance Entity Profile Form – request a CTDS number

Mail all documents to:
*Attention: Ashley Arnold
National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs
Arizona Department of Education
1535 W. Jefferson, Bin #7
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Proceed to the final step, Step 4

Step 4: Submit online Site and Sponsor Applications in CNP Web

Once ADE has determined the New Sponsor Application is complete (Step 2 & 3), ADE will process your Common Logon Permissions form. ADE will use the E-mail listed on the Common Logon Permissions form and provide the user ID and password to the requestor. Upon issuance of a Common Logon user ID and password, New Sponsors must submit the Site and Sponsor Applications via CNP Web. The CNP Web Applications are annual applications of participation that once approved, allows the LEA to submit for reimbursement.

*Please review the How-To-Guide: How to Submit a Site and Sponsor Application in CNP Web and refer back to the Orientation to: Operating National School Lunch Program in Arizona for more information on submitting CNP Web Site and Sponsor Applications.

The following must be submitted via the CNP Web:

    • Site Information Page
    • Sponsor Application Information Page
      • Section 5: Mark your participation in the USDA Foods program if applicable. Don’t forget to update your delivery location information  and program contact information in MyFoods. If you do not have access to MyFoods, please contact a member of the Food Distribution team.

Once your Site and Sponsor Applications in CNP Web have been reviewed and approved, the contact information listed under the School Food Authority Contact on the CNP Web Sponsor Application will receive approval through E-mail and by Certified Mail. Additionally, ADE will mail back one of the original Food Program Permanent Service Agreement signed by you, the sponsoring agency, and the Associate Superintendent of Health & Nutrition Services. This document is important for you to have on file. It is not until you receive both approvals (signed Food Program Permanent Service Agreement and CNP Web online approval) that you may begin claiming reimbursable meals served to the students.