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Arizona School Food Safety

School agencies participating in the school nutrition programs agree to maintain necessary facilities for storing, preparing, and serving food and to comply with health standards required by applicable state agency and/or local laws and codes. There are four food safety requirements specified by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for school agencies that participate in the National School Lunch (NSLP)and/or School Breakfast (SBP) Programs.

  1. Request two food safety inspections from the state or local governmental agency responsible for food safety inspections each school year for each school participating in the school lunch or breakfast program. – USDA Guidance Memo SP 45-2011
  2. Publicly post the most recent food safety inspection and make a copy of the inspection report available upon request.
  3. Implement a food safety program based on Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, per USDA guidance.
  4. Report annually the number of food safety inspections conducted at each site to Arizona Department of Education (ADE).

Please refer to USDA guidance memo SP-37-2013 for Frequently Asked Questions related to the enhanced food safety program through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA). HHFKA strengthens the existing food safety plan requirements by requiring application of HACCP principles to any facility or part of facility in which food is stored, prepared or served for the purposes of NSLP, SBP or other federal nutrition programs (Afterschool Snack Program, Special Milk Program for Split Session Pre-Kindergarten and/or Kindergarten, and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program).

This webpage contains materials to assist school with meeting food safety requirements. Please select a topic below for more detailed information.

Prototype Food Safety Plan

The Prototype (template) Food Safety Plan is designed for use by school agencies in Arizona to meet USDA regulations. It is in a check-box, fill-in-the-blank format.  Each production site and serving location claiming reimbursable lunches and/or breakfasts must have a plan with an accurate description of the food service operation  (including equipment inventory), a chart with all menu items categorized as process 1, 2 or 3, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) specific to the operation.

USDA requires the plan to include documentation to describe measures in place for effective monitoring, documenting corrective action was taken and completing an annual plan review.

Adaptation of this plan includes removing prototype SOPs that do not apply and revising the SOPs in this template to be specific to the operation. Add additional SOPs, when applicable.

Food Safety Plan Review

These forms are used to document that food safety plan was reviewed and revised at least annually or as often as necessary to reflect changes per USDA guidance.

Monitoring Forms

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Additional Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Additional Food Safety Plan Resources

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FDA/USDA Recalls

2016 ADE Food Safety Training


For detailed information on your county’s food code, visit the Arizona Department of Health Services Food Safety and Environmental Services website: