Jellies and Gums

A mixture of carbohydrates which are combined to form a stable gelatinous system of jelly-like character, and are generally flavored and colored, and include gum drops, jelly beans, jellied and fruit-flavored slices.

Company/Distributor Product
American Licorice Red Vines, Sour Punch Straws
Amurol Confections Co. Bug City Candy Tarts
Au’some Candies Gameboy Advance-3D Gummy Candies
Energy Club, Inc Sour Gummy Glo worms, Fruity Gummy Worms w/real fruit juice; Candy Jewelry, Sour Gummy Glo Bears w/ real fruit juice, JuJu Fish
Hershey Twizzlers
Innovative Candy Concepts Too Tarts Xtra Sour Goo Candy, Too Tarts Sour Blast Spray Candy
Ferrara Pan Candy Co. Black Forest Gummy Bears, Black Forest Gummy Worms, Narbles Chewy Fruit Slammers, Lemonhead
Gurley Rocky Mountain Brand assorted Jelly Beans, Gummy Peach Rings
Jaret International Hawaiian Punch Soft & Chewy Candy, Sour Patch Kids
Just Born Inc. Mike & Ike, Hot Tamales
Kenny’s Sour Twists
Kidsmania Inc OH RATZ Gummy Candy w/ powder
Malaco Swedish Fish
Marketing & Sales Essentials e. frutti gummy candy, e. frutti Gummy Pizza, e. frutti Sour Gecko
Nabisco Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers
Promotion In Motion, Inc Buddy Bears Gummy Bears, Fudgesicle Candy Twists
SP Enterprises, INC Viper Venom Sour Liquid Candy
Strock Mamba (fruit Chews)
Wonka Nerds Rope, Laffy Taffy

**this list includes but is not limited to these products