Hard Candies

A product made predominantly from sugar (sucrose) and corn syrup which may be flavored and colored, is characterized by a hard, brittle texture, and includes such items as sour balls, fruit balls, candy sticks, lollipops, starlight mints, after dinner mints, sugar wafers, rock candy, cinnamon candies, breath mints, jaw breakers and cough drops.

Company/Distributor Product
BestSweet Baskin Robbins Smooth & Creamy Hard Candy
Cadbury Adams USA LLC Bubblecious Burst Pops, Halls throat drops, Halls Sugarfree throats, Halls Defense Throat Drops, Halls Plus Throat Drops, Halls Defense Vitamin C Throat Drop Halls Fruit Breezers Throat Drops.
Chupa Chups Whistle Pop
Energy Club, Inc Suckers “Paletas” con chile y limon, Mexican Candy Pelucas Mix, Antojitos Super Baby Strawberry Candy Pica Fresa, Spicy Candy Pelon Pelo Rico, Chile y limon Cucharas y Picas
Ferrara Pan Candy Co. Tic tacs, Jaw Breakers, Red Hots
Hershey Jolly Ranchers (all varieties & flavors)
Impact Confections Lollipop Paint Shop Doubles
Innovative Candy Concepts Too Tart UFO’s Intense Chewable Candy
Insight Pharmaceuticals Corp Sucrets
Kraft Cream Savers (all flavors), Lifesavers (all flavors)
Mexico Company & Inc Crazy Hair, Crazy Tongue (lollipops & powder candy)
Nestle Spree, Sweetarts
Pez Candy Pez
Ricola Ltd Ricola Mountain Herbs Swiss Herb Throat Drop
Sconza Alien Sour Jawbreaker
Smarties Smarties candies, Candy Necklaces
Smart Choice Suck-ups
Topps Co. Push Pop, Baby Bottle Pop Candy, Triple Power Push Pop
Topco Associates LLC Topcare Cough Suppressant Drops
WM Wrigley Jr Co. Big League Chew (Bubble Gum)
Wonka Fundips, SweetTarts, Gobstoppers, Runts
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Luden’s throat Drops

**this list includes but is not limited to these products