Frequently Asked Questions – NSLP

National School Lunch/ Breakfast Program

How does a Local Education Agency (LEA) apply to participate in the School Nutrition Programs?

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) must apply through the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and complete the requirements prior to the operation of these programs. Once approved, LEAs will receive reimbursement from the ADE for each lunch and breakfast meal served provided they meet established nutrition standards and state and federal regulations. Refer to the information under the How to Apply section of the webpage. To access step by step instructions regarding the application process, required online training and provide a New Sponsor Contact at ADE to help LEAs through the application process.

How many NSLP sponsors are there in Arizona?

Currently, there are over 500 sponsors from the following areas: public district and charter schools, private non-profit schools, residential child care institutions (RCCI’s), and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).