Frequently Asked Questions – After School Care Snack Program

After School Care Snack Program

If an at-risk afterschool center serves supper and chooses to use offer versus serve (OVS), do all of the grains offered have to be whole grain-rich?

Yes.  If an at-risk afterschool center or adult day care center only serves one meal per day and chooses to use OVS, all the grain items offered must be whole grain-rich.  While OVS allows a variety of food items from one component to be served, a center that only serves one meal per day cannot offer one whole grain-rich grain and one enriched grain.  This ensures greater consumption of whole grains if a child or adult chooses to take a grain item.

What if I want to provide after school meals instead of just a snack?

Sites interested in providing evening meals should contact the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) for more information about the At-Risk Afterschool Meals program. Contact (602)-542-8700 and ask for the CACFP Specialist of the Day.

What records need to be kept on file for the After School Care Snack Program?

A detailed description of the record keeping requirements can be found on the After School Care Snack Program Record Keeping tab.

How can I apply to start an After School Care Snack Program at my site?

To participate in the ASCSP, sites must complete Section 10, Afterschool Care Snack Program, on the site application in CNPWeb. The description of the education or enrichment activity must describe the activity and state that the program is open to all. Sites can apply for ASCSP at any time during the school year. Simply submit revised site and sponsor applications in CNPWeb. Talk with your School Food Authority for more information about updating the information in CNPWeb if you are unfamiliar with that process.

If my site is neither site nor area eligible, do I have to collect household applications to determine the eligibility of each student?

No. Since the site is part of the NSLP, the eligibility documentation used to for lunch claims is also used for afterschool care snack claims. Visit the After School Care Snack Program Record Keeping tab for more information about eligibility documentation for the snack program.

How much reimbursement will my site get for serving snacks?

Reimbursement amounts will vary based on the eligibility of the site. Sites that are site or area eligible will serve snacks free of charge, and will count and claim all snacks at the free reimbursement rate. Sites that are neither site nor area eligible will count and claim snacks based on the eligibility status of the students participating in the snack program.

For more information about reimbursement rates, visit the After School Care Snack Program webpage.

What type of snack must be served?

In order to be counted as reimbursable snacks, the snack must contain at least two different components from the following four choices, in the required amounts based on the age of participants:

  • Fluid milk
  • Meat or meat alternate
  • Vegetables or fruits; 100% vegetable or fruit juice
  • Whole or enriched grain product.

Visit the Afterschool Care Snack Program Meal Pattern tab for additional resources.

Is my site eligible to participate in the After School Care Snack Program?

In order to be eligible for participation in the After School Care Snack Program, sites must:

  • Participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP);
  • Provide afterschool programming that is open to all students for the primary purpose of providing care;
  • Include education or enrichment in the afterschool care programming.