NSLP/SBP 2010-2011 Memos

Memo # Date Subject Description
CN 02-11 7-01-10 Household application changes
CN 03-11 5-05-10 CNP Guidance Manual Posting
CN 05-11 8-17-10 SY10 Food Services AFR Reminder
CN 01-11 8-27-10 Welcome Back Memo SY 10-11
CN 04-11 8-23-10 Confirmed IEGs PY 2010-2011
CN 06-11 9-13-10 Disclosure Requirements for the Child Nutrition Programs
CN 07-11 9-17-10 Exclusion of Military Pay for Income Eligibility Determination – Revised
CN 08-11 10-21-10 SFAs must comply with regulation affecting rebates discounts and other credits
CN 09-11 11-04-10 Further Clarification in Crediting for, and Use of, Donated Foods in Contracts with Food Service Management Companies
CN 10-11 11-05-10 Afterschool Snack and Expanded Learning Time Programs
CN 11-11 11-03-10 Effective Use of Salad Bars in School Meal Programs
CN 12-11 11-17-10 Teacher Consumption in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
CN 13-11 12-7-10 Clarification of Competitive Foods and Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value
CN 14-11 12-17-10 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
CN 14-11 12-17-10 CN 14-11 – Attachements – FAQs S. 3307(3)
CN 15-11 12-20-10 Mandatory DUNS Number Reporting
CN 16-11 12-22-10 Revision to School Gardens CN Memo 05-10
CN 17-11 12-27-10 Effects of Busing on Area Eligibility in the Summer Food Service Program and the Afterschool Snack and the Seamless Summer Option served through the National School Lunch Program
CN 18-11 1-27-11 Exemptions Under the Competitive Food Services Regulation
CN 18-11 Attachment – Exemptions Under the Competitive Food Services Regulation
CN 19-11 01-28-11 Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2010 – Letter Method for Direct Certification
CN 20-11 02-11-11 Effective Use of Salad Bars in School Meal Programs-Revised
CN 20-11 02-11-11 Announcement of New School Nutrition Program Director
CN 21-11 03-01-11 Geogrphical preference
CN 22-11 02-24-11 Questions and answers for crediting donated foods
CN 23-11 02-24-11 Clarification in crediting for and the use of donated foods in FSMC contracts
CN 24-11 02-18-11 SFSP CN 08-11 Outreach to Households on the Availability of SFSP Meals
CN 25-11 02-17-11 Updated Review Checklist for School Food Authorities (SFAs) for Conducting Annual On-Site Reviews
CN 25-11 Attachment – On-Site Review Checklist
CN 26-11 02-28-11 Categorical Eligibility of Foster Children
CN 26-11 Attachment – Categorical Eligibility of Foster Children
CN 27-11 03-01-11 Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2010: Privacy Protection and the Use of Social Security Numbers in Child Nutrition Programs
CN 28-11 03-14-11 Equity in School Lunch Pricing Fact Sheet
CN 28-11 Attachment – Equity in School Lunch Pricing Fact Sheet
CN 29-11 05-04-11 Reaffirming the Requirement that SFA comply with Federal Regulations affecting rebates discounts and other applicable credits in all cost reimburse contracts
CN 30-11 04-19-11 Eligibility of Children Evacuated from Japan and Bahrain
CN 31-11 04-19-11 Community Eligibility Option Guidance and Process for Selection of States for School Year 2011-2012
CN 32-11 04-21-11 Fifteenth Release of the Child Nutrition Database
CN 33-11 04-21-11 Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2010 Nutrition Requirements for Fluid Milk
CN 34-11 04-21-11 Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2010 Water Availability During National School Lunch Program Meal Service
CN 35-11 05-24-11 Preparation for Program Year 2012 (SY11-12)
CN 36-11 05-25-11 Clarification on the Use of Offer Versus Serve and Family Style Meal Service
CN 37-11 05-27-11 Updates to the Direct Certification Matching Process Beginning in School Year 2011-2012
CN 38-11 06-17-11 Encouraging Schools Participation in the Fuel Up to Play 60 in Partnership with the Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Nutrition Services (FNS)
CN 39-11 07-01-11 Introduction to Certification Forms for 2011-2012 School Year
CN 40-11 06-15-11 Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2010 Enhancing the School Food Safety Program