NSLP/SBP 2004-2005 Memos

Memo # Subject Description Format
CN 01-05 CNP Direct Certification Enhancements PDF Word
CN 02-05 Severe Need Breakfast, 2004 Reauthorization Act PDF Word
CN 03-05 Duration of Households’ Free/ Reduced Price Meal Eligibility, 2004 Reauthorization PDF Word
CN 04-05 Runaway, Homeless, and Migrant Youth, 2004 Reauthorization Act PDF Word
CN 05-05 Medicare Subsidy as Household Income PDF Word
CN 06-05 Military Housing Allowance, 2004 Reauthorization Act PDF Word
CN 07-05 2005-2009 Food Program Service Agreement PDF Word
CN 08-05 Reauthorization 2004 – Waiver of Requirement for Weighted Averages PDF Word
CN 09-05 Welcome to the Arizona Child Nutrition Programs: 2004-2005 School Year PDF Word
CN 10-05 Executive Management Services PDF Word
CN 11-05 Reissuance of Policy on Limited Disclosure and NAEP PDF Word
CN 12-05 AFR – State Matching Requirements PDF Word
CN 13-05 School Year 2004 Food Services Annual Financial Report PDF Word
CN 14-05 Amendment Expanding Provisions 2 and 3 Dictrict-wide, 2004 Reauthorization Act PDF Word
CN 15-05 Change in Verification of Income Eligibility, 2004 Reauthorization Act PDF Word
CN 16-05 Fluid Milk Provisions PDF Word
CN 17-05 Beef Patties In Violation of the Child Nutrition Labeling Program PDF Word
CN 18-05 Q & A-Developing and Drafting Bid/Proposal Specifications PDF Word
CN 19-05 Q & A-Federal Procurement Guidelines PDF Word
CN 20-05 Reauthorization 2004 – Irradiation Requirements PDF Word
CN 21-05 Guidance on Determining Categorical Eligibility for Free Lunches and Breakfasts for Youth Served under the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act PDF Word
CN 22-05 Audit Evaluation Form (E-copy unavailable) (E-copy unavailable)
CN 23-05 2005 Calendar PDF Word
CN 24-05 Critical Verification Guidance for SY 2004-2005 Reporting Requirements PDF Word
CN 25-05 Procurement and Service of Whole Grain Products PDF Word
CN 26-05 SAIS Reporting Requirements for National School Lunch Program Data Under No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) PDF Word
CN 27-05 Establishing eligibility for migrant, runaway, and homeless children PDF Word
CN 28-05 Reauthorization 2004 – School Food Safety Inspections PDF Word
CN 29-05 Contracts – Renewal and Rebidding PDF Word
CN 30-05 Developing and Drafting Bid/ Proposal Specifications PDF Word
CN 31-05 Reauthorization 2004 – Requirements for Direct Certification and Direct Verification PDF Word
CN 32-05 The HealthierUS School Challenge PDF Word
CN 33-05 Equal Opportunity for Religious Organizations PDF Word
CN 34-05 New foods no longer consdiered Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value PDF Word
CN 35-05 Federal Procurement Requirements PDF Word
CN 37-05 Healthy School Environment Memo PDF Word
CN 38-05 Kraft American Cheese Singles PDF Word
CN 39-05 Preparing for School Year 2005-2006 PDF Word
CN 40-05 Elimination of Case Number Search PDF Word
CN 41-05 Revised USDA Quantity Recipes for School Food Service PDF Word
CN 42-05 Administrative Review Appeal Procedures PDF Word
CN 43-05 State Match Memo PDF Word
CN 44-05 State Match Memo for Charters PDF Word
CN 45-05 Reauthorization 2004: Changes Affecting Free and Reduced-Price Certification Process PDF Word
CN 46-05 Revised CNP Direct Certification Manual SY 05-06 PDF Word
CN 47-05 2005 Verification Memo PDF Word
CN 48-05 New IEGs PDF Word
CN 49-05 Determining Error-Prone Applications PDF Word
CN 51-05 Updated Income Eligibility Guidelines Form PDF Word
CN 52-05 Child Nutrition Program Guidance Manual PDF Word
CN 54-05 Revised F & R Handbook Memo PDF Word