NSLP/SBP 2003-2004 Memos

Memo # Subject Description
CN 01-04 Direct Certification
CN 02-04 Change in Verification Procedures
CN 03-04 Update on Reauthorization 2003
CN 04-04 Enhancements and Changes to Direct Certification System
CN 05-04 Welcome to the Arizona Child Nutrition Programs – 2003-2004 school year!
CN 06-04 National School Lunch Week: October 13-17, 2003
CN 07-04 Student Services Director
CN 08-04 Memo Cancelled
CN 09-04 CNP Web User Accounts and Passwords
CN 10-04 Verification Final Rule Effective School Year 2004-2005
CN 11-04 Audit Evaluation Form
CN 12-04 Attendance Factors
CN 13-04 Web-based Claiming Training Dates
CN 14-04 Submitting Monthly Reimbursement Claims
CN 15-04 Web-based Claiming Training (Flagstaff/Tucson)
CN 16-04 NSLP Web-based Claim Training (Phoenix)
CN 17-04 2005-2009 Food Program Service Agreement
CN 18-04 Temporary Exception for Submitting of Monthly Reimbursement Claims
CN 19-04 Reporting of Free & Reduced eligibility status into SAIS under No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)
CN 20-04 Rollover Preparaing for SY 2005
CN 21-04 Oversight of FSMC-USDA Policy Memo 04-03 and 04-04
CN 22-04 Civil Rights Guidance for Food & Nutrition Service (FNS)-Instruction 113
CN 23-04 Governor’s Office, Arizona Department of Education and KidsCare Alliance
CN 24-04 New Director and New name {no attachment available}
CN 25-04 2005-2009 Food Program Service Agreement Contract/Agreement Modification #ED05-0001-01, Effective July 1, 2004
CN 26-04 Web-based CNP Annual Financial Report Training Dates