NSLP/SBP 2001-2002 Memos


Memo # Subject Description
CN 01-02 Reimbursement Claim Form for School Year 2001-2002
CN 02-02 Special Assistance Non-Base Year
CN 03-02 School Breakfast Program Questionnaire
CN 04-02 HB 2211 School Breakfast Program
CN 05-02 NFSMI Teleconference
CN 06-02 2001-2002 Reimbursement Rates
CN 07-02 Consultant Update Meeting
CN 08-02 Inter-District Agreements
CN 09-02 New and Updated Information Related to
Free and Reduced Priced Applications
CN 10-02 Using U.S. Armed Forces Family Subsistence
Supplemental Allowances (FSSA) to Determine Eligibility
in the Child Nutrition Programs
CN 11-02 Super Stars in School Food Service Awards Announcement
CN 12-02 National School Lunch and Food Distribution
Programs Seminar Date Change
CN 13-02 Training Pathways for School Food Service Professionals
CN 14-02 Administrative Review in 2001-02 School Year
CN 15-02 Welcome Back!
CN 16-02 Verification Activities for National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs
CN 17-02
CN 18-02 New Internet/Web Based System
CN 19-02 Direct Certification
CN 20-02 On-site Demonstration of Web Based Technology System
CN 21-02 Increased Sealed Bidding Threshold
CN 22-02 On-site Demonstration of Web Based Technology System
CN 23-02 Point of Sale System Questionnaire
CN 24-02 School Nutrition Programs Application School Year 2001-2002
CN 25-02 Application Approval School Year 2001-2002
CN 26-02 Rescheduling of NSLP Training Seminars 1/09-10/2002
CN 27-02 New Guidance Manual
CN 28-02 School Nutrition Programs Team Leader
CN 29-02 Federal Procurement Regulations
CN 30-02 Submission of Free and Reduced Price
Applications by All Households
CN 31-02 Changes in Special Assistance Rules and Regulations
CN 32-02 ASFSA Scholarships
CN 33-02 Food Service Management Company Manual
(Memo to Consultants)
CN 34-02 Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs Manual
CN 35-02 Reminder of Rescheduled Dates and New Location of National School Lunch Seminar in Tucson
CN 36-02 Special Assistance Extensions
(To Special Assistance Schools)
CN 37-02
CN 38-02 APRC: Arizona Prevention Resouce Center
CN 39-02 Exemptions Under the Restricted Competitive Foods Regulations
CN 40-02 Crediting Alternate Protein Products
CN 41-02 SY2002-2003 Renewal Application and Internet Training
CN 42-02 After School Snack Program
CN 43-02 Reimbursement Overpayment
CN 44-02
CN 45-02 Special Assistance Extension – Alhambra
CN 46-02 2002-2003 Application Renewal Process
CN 47-02 Treatment of Military Housing Allowance for Families in
“Privatized Housing” for Purposes of Determining
Eligibility in the Child Nutrition Programs
CN 48-02 Clarification on Changes to Special Assistance
Rules and Regulations
CN 49-02 Void
CN 50-02 Letter Regarding Kids Care
CN 51-02 CNP Web Claim File Upload
CN 52-02 School Nutrition Programs Application – School Year 2002-2003
CN 53-02 CNP Web Program Internet Training
CN 54-02
CN 55-02
CN 56-02 Online Application for National School Lunch, School Breakfast,
After School Snack, and Special Milk Programs