Food Allergies

  1. Managing Food Allergies in Schools
  2. Understanding the Fundamentals; Managing Food Allergies in Schools: Developing Policy
  3. Managing Food Allergies in Schools: Implementing Policy


School Nutrition University

Food Allergy Management Course

The Food Allergy Management course is designed to assist school nutrition professions in preparing for and appropriately serving students with allergies. This course will help professionals:

  • Understand the need for a food allergy policy, a food allergy plan, training, and swift action in response to symptoms of an allergic reaction.
  • Understand the federal laws that affect how schools manage life-threatening food allergies, the USDA Guidance for School Food Authority regarding food allergies, tools to use at school, and students’ rights and responsibilities under the laws.
  • Know how to read ingredient labels to identify allergens.
  • Understand the need for standard operating procedures to prevent cross contact of foods and surfaces with known food allergens, and the difference between cross contact and cross contamination.
  • Know the cleaning procedures for eliminating allergen residue from hands, cafeteria surfaces, and kitchen equipment.

This course is offered at no charge and is available in Spanish as well.