After School Care Snack Program

The Afterschool Care Snack Program webpage has been updated. If you operate an afterschool care snack program, please visit this page for information and guidance about the meal pattern, recordkeeping requirements, and more.

New Central Location Visitor Process

ADE’s Central location  (3300 N. Central) has a new process for visitors

  • All guests/visitors will need to report to the 16th floor reception desk prior to visiting any unit.
  • Once visitors have checked in with the 16th floor receptionist, the receptionist will call the unit to confirm the appointment and ask that someone come down to the 16th floor reception desk to escort the visitor.
  • Each visitor will be given a badge that will designate their visitor status and the floor they’re visiting.
  • Visitor badges will need to the given back to the 16th floor reception desk at the end of each business day.

2015 CACFP Week – Poster Contest Winner Announced

The Arizona Department of Education, Health & Nutrition Services Division would like to thank all participants of the CACFP Week Poster Contest. The winner of the contest is Elijah Drummond from Boys & Girls Club. Congratulations, Elijah!

Participant Submissions

Submitted by: CJ Hopkins – Boys and Girls Club

Submitted by: Emma Bucco and Tangela Hubbert – Boys & Girls Club

Submitted by: Unreleased

35 New AZ HealthierUS Award Winners!

35 New Arizona Schools become HealthierUS School Challenge Award Winners!

USDA has recently announced the latest round of recipients of the HealthierUS School Challenge (HUSSC) Awards, including thirty-five additional Arizona schools.  With over 7500 HUSSC awardees nationally, this brings the total for Arizona to seventy-five!  Ranging in difficulty from Bronze to Gold of Distinction, these schools have implemented policies and practices which promote great nutrition and physical activity as a backdrop for academic excellence.  See all Arizona winners.

Four schools in Balsz Elementary School District are receiving Gold Awards after already achieving Silver Awards in 2012!  Boothe-Fickett Math & Science Magnet School in Tucson received a Silver Award, joining three previous Bronze Award winners in TUSD. Becoming the district with the largest number of HUSSC awards, Chandler Unified School District received twenty-nine Bronze Awards.  And finally, Julia Randall Elementary in Payson Elementary School District received the Silver Award.  Congratulations to the School Wellness Teams who led these efforts, including Food Service Directors and Managers: Claude Chatelain in Balsz, Shirley Sokol and Camilla Loehrer in TUSD, Wes Delbridge and Patty Narducci in Chandler, and Tracy Frandsen and Christine Murphy in Payson!  These champions worked hand in hand with administrators and PE teachers to create programs of excellence and document their efforts. They will have presentations made at their School Board meetings and in student body assemblies to celebrate their success.

As of August 30, 2014, the HealthierUS School Challenge has changed, now requiring NO documentation of meals, and focusing on criteria for Smarter Lunchrooms and Smart Snacks with the former criteria.  Check out the new criteria and contact HealthierUS School Challenge Specialist at (602) 364-3177 for more information about how to receive recognition and monetary awards for your programs!

Revision to Arizona Department of Education Policy on Specially Exempted Fundraisers

Please find memorandum HNS# 04-2015 below, which discusses the latest revisions to the Arizona Department of Education’s policy on Specially Exempted Fundraisers. Click on the image to download a PDF copy.

HNS#04-2015 Revision to ADE Policy on Specially Exempted Fundraisers_Page_1