Tickle Your Appetite

USDA’s Team Nutrition designed Tickle Your Appetite to teach children the importance of healthy eating. The earlier children are introduced to healthy eating behaviors, the more natural these behaviors will become. Tickle Your Appetite contains:


  • Three 4-minute video segments that use a combination of puppets and children to deliver nutrition messages
  • Audiotape with songs from video
  • Activities for educators to do with children
  • Activities for families to do at home
  • Activities to engage the community in the project
  • Reproducible handouts and artwork
  • Resources for nutrition educators

We hope you will take the chance to explore Tickle Your Appetite. It is available for loan from the Arizona Prevention Resource Center 1-800-432-APRC(2772) Or ICAPRC@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU.