Fiscal Year 2006 Homes

CACFP FDCH (Homes) Memos FY06

Memo # Date Title Format
CN#002-06 10/18/05 Mealtime Memo’s PDF
CN#003-06 Questions and Answers on the Serious Deficiency Process in the Child and Adult are Food Program (CACFP) PDF
CN#005-06 12/7/05 Fire Marshal’s Office PDF
CN#006-06 12/16/05 Treatment of National Flood Insurance Program Payments PDF
CN#007-06 1/9/06 Department of Economic Security Market Rate Survey PDF
CN#008-06 1/23/06 CNP Web Common Logon Policy PDF
CN#009-06 2/6/06 Daily Sign In and Out Forms for Alternately Approved Child Care Homes PDF
CN#011-06 2/10/06 Mealtime Memos PDF
CN#012-06 2/14/06 Helpful Procedures to Ensure Timely Home Fire Inspections PDF
CN#013-06 3/15/06 Meal Counts and Menu clarification PDF
CN#014-06 4/3/06 Procurement Record-Keeping Requirements PDF
CN#015-06 5/8/06 Income Eligibility Affidavits PDF
CN#016-06 5/17/06 Parent Letters and Provider Letters PDF
CN#017-06 6/14/06 Issues Relating to Block Claims Submitted by Sponsored Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes PDF
CN#018-06 7/7/06 Fire Inspector (Yavapai Fire District) PDF
CN#019-06 7/14/06 Transfer of Data Related to the Child and Adult Care Food Program and the Food Stamp Program PDF
CN#020-06 7/19/06 Administrative Reimbursements for Non-Claiming Homes in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) PDF
CN#023-06 9/11/06 U.S. Armed Forces Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance – Permanently Excluded from Income Consideration for the Child Nutrition Programs PDF