Fiscal Year 2006

CACFP Center Sponsor Memos FY 06

Memo # Date Title Format
CN#001-06 10/13/05 Five-Day Reconciliation in Centers Participating in the CACFP PDF
CN#002-06 10/18/05 Mealtime Memo’s PDF
CN#003-06 Questions and Answers on the Serious Deficiency Process in the Child and Adult are Food Program (CACFP) PDF
CN#004-06 11/28/05 CACFP Application Approval for Fiscal Year 2006 PDF
CN#008-06 1/23/06 CNP Web Common Logon Policy PDF
CN#010-06 2/7/06 Special Initiative to Provide Funding for Daycare Projects in Rural Areas PDF
CN#014-06 4/3/06 Procurement Record-Keeping Requirements PDF
CN#015-06 5/8/06 Income Eligibility Affidavits PDF
CN#021-06 7/20/06 Child Care Nutrition and Physical Activity Assessment PDF
CN#023-06 9/11/06 U.S. Armed Forces Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance – Permanently Excluded from Income Consideration for the Child Nutrition Programs PDF