Requirements for Participation – FDCH


Eligible providers can be Department of Economic Security certified home, Department of Health Services certified group home, alternatively approved home through a sponsoring organization with the CACFP programs, military licensed home, or tribal licensed home.

Family Day Care homes are all over the State of Arizona, from Yuma to Phoenix and Flagstaff to Tucson.


Becoming a Family Day Care Home Provider:

By calling a Sponsoring Organization to receive the required paperwork to sign up.

Click here for Family Day Care Home Sponsoring Organizations

Childcare providers participate under the authority of a nonprofit agency and must comply with Federal and State regulations and policies.

Additional information regarding day care home providers:

Provider’s responsibilities

  • To serve meals and snacks that meet the program guidelines,
  • To maintain required records which include
    • daily attendance
    • menus
    • meal count records
    • child enrollment forms
    • attend training annually
    • allowing monitoring visit

Meal pattern requirements

The following food groups must be served to all children. Portion requirements will vary according to the age.


Food Group # of Servings
Grains/Breads 1
Fruit or Vegetable 1
Milk 1


Food Group # of Servings
Meat 1
Fruit and/or Vegetable 2
Grains/Breads 1
Milk 1


Consist of any two out of the four food groups.
Portions vary for each food group according to the child’s age.

Feeding infants

Infants follow a special meal pattern depending on their age.  Meeting the current guidelines, both breastfed & iron fortified formula fed babies may be claimed on the program.


Providers are reimbursed for a maximum of 2 meals and 1 snack or 2 snacks and 1 meal per enrolled child per day.

Rates are paid on a two-tier system. Tier I rates are the higher rates for providers who either qualify as low income by location or household income, or care for children who are from households that qualify as low income.

Reimbursement rates for meals and/or snacks served to children in attendance are announced annually by USDA based on changes in the Consumer Price Index of the preceding year. From these rates, a “blended rate” is established every fiscal year. The blended rate is based on the income level and household size of each enrolled child. The higher the number of low income children, the higher the blended rate and reimbursement

Nutrition Education

Providers are offered workshops and given resources to assist them in serving appropriate meals, providing nutrition based activities for their children and sharing information with parents. Additional nutrition resources are available through Arizona Prevention Resource Center (APRC) (602) 727-2772 or 1-800-432-2772.

Administrative Funds to assist New Providers enrolling in the CACFP Program

Contact Information

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