Administrative Funds to assist New Providers enrolling in the CACFP Program

Administrative licensing related funds can be used to assist family day care providers applying to the CACFP program for the first time. The licensing related funds are to be used for those providers that are unable to become licensed because they lack the funding to comply with licensing standards. There is a  limit of $300 for licensing related expenses per home.  These funds can be used toward: (1) small items, equipment such as fire extinguishers, (2) licensing fees and related expenses, such as fingerprinting cost, the cost of health and fire inspections, (3) or minor repairs such as the installation of railing on a staircase to a basement where the day care operation is being conducted. The sponsor must maintain receipts to support these administrative claims. Reimbursement may only be claimed for the actual cost incurred. All claims must be submitted for the fiscal year in which the expense incurred. Providers must provide sponsors with evidence of their application for licensing and official documentation of the defects that are impeding their licensing approval. These documents must be kept on file by the sponsoring organization for a period of 5 years, unless an audit or review finding has not been resolved. In this case, records shall be retained beyond the five year period for as long as may be required for the resolution of issues raised.

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