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General Statement of Assurance

Who should sign Sections A, C, D, & E of the General Statement of Assurance?

Section A, C, D, and E must be signed by:

  1. i. Districts: Board President, Superintendent
  2. ii. Charters: Charter Contract Signer
  3. Other Type of Entities (Not Districts or Charters) : Comparable authorized official

What is the General Statement of Assurance (GSA)?

It is a document that guarantees accountability to the United States and to the State of Arizona. All LEAs wishing to apply for and receive grant monies must have a current GSA on file at the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). This document is renewed yearly, and is due by May 31st. It is available on the Grants Management Enterprise homepage as a download.

Upon the LEA’s submittal of the GSA, access to the secure Grants Management processes is provided for the fiscal year. A Common Logon userID is assigned for each authorized signer. The Grants Management unit internally requests the permissions, which is then provided by the ADE Support Center. If you have any questions regarding your Common Logon account, contact the ADE support center at 602-542-7378 or toll-free 1-866-577-9636.

Where can I get a copy of a W-9?

Visit the Grants Management Enterprise glossary under the term/definition “W-9″ to download and/or print a copy of the W-9 form in pdf format.

Can ADE tell us who should be a signer on the General Statement of Assurance?

No, this is a district and charter school decision.

For charter schools the Charter Holder Contract Signer must sign as the primary signer on Page IV and Page VI (which will be verified). The Charter Holder can designate additional signers under “Other Authorized Agents’ Signatures”.

How do we add a person to our General Statement of Assurance?

Submit a typed letter to the ADE Grants Management Office requesting an additional signer(s) to the General Statement of Assurance. The letter must be submitted on LEA (your entity’s) letterhead and include 1) the name and title of the authorized representative (on the current year GSA) who is requesting the addition, and 2) the name, title, email address and phone number of the person being added. The requestor and new designee(s) must both sign the letter in blue ink. The new signer(s) will be notified of his/her own userID through the ADE Support Center.

We have a General Statement of Assurance (GSA) on file at ADE, however, one of the original signers has left. What do we need to do to remove that person from the GSA?

Submit a typed letter to the ADE Grants Management Office requesting that the person listed be removed from the GSA. The letter must be submitted on LEA (your entity’s) letterhead and can only be requested by a person who is already an authorized signer on the current year GSA. Type the name of the person to be removed, and type the name and title of the authorized signer who is requesting the removal. The authorized signer’s signature must be affixed in blue ink.

What if I forget my userID?

Grants Management cannot provide a forgotten password. The assignment of userIDs and passwords are now handled through ADE Support Center. To have your password reset you can call the ADE Support Center at 602-542-7378 or outside the Phoenix metro area at 1-866-577-9636.

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